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This week I wrapped my last week in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. From reporting live from the Innovation News Center, to writing press releases at The Agency to listening to GHQ, it truly has been an honor.

I've spent countless hours finding my way in this program and it has all been worth every single second. I can honestly say the staff and students of this college are unlike any. In these hallways, I have met creative, dedicated and ambitious people with a drive to shape communications in the world.

But, the most hours has to go to the INC. In this newsroom, I was able to grow professionally and thrive creatively. I am so proud of the work I did as a reporter and anchor for the WUFT 5pm show. It has been an honor to work with this team and it has pushed my limits to new heights.

Here are some pictures from my last week on the show:

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